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AVMA awards:
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Your nominations help us reward excellence. Review descriptions of the individual awards, and consider which of your colleagues deserve to be nominated. Nominations for 2021 awards are now closed.


Important dates and deadlines

Nominations Open: November 13, 2020

Nominations Deadline: February 17, 2021

Nomination Review: March/April 2021

Notification: May 2021

The veterinary profession thrives with esteemed members of our community who have dedicated themselves and their careers to a diverse range of disciplines—agriculture, public health, humane education, animal welfare, clinical practice and research, government activities, professional education, and more.

The AVMA Excellence Awards program is an annual process honoring these individuals for their contributions to both animal and human health. There are awards to recognize excellence in every aspect of veterinary medicine. They honor educators, researchers, clinical practitioners, veterinary advocates, and those who are not veterinarians but whose work has contributed significantly to advancing veterinary medicine. The variety of awards shows the breadth of veterinary medicine, the diversity of veterinary careers, and the many ways in which veterinary professionals protect both animal and human health.

AVMA recognizes individuals with awards spanning the following areas:

  • Advocacy and public service
  • Animal welfare
  • Education and research
  • International affairs
  • Volunteerism and leadership

All award recipients are presented with a crystal award celebrating their achievements at a time and location designated by AVMA. Award recipients will be announced in a press release and highlighted on the AVMA website, social media, and e-newsletter, as well as in JAVMA.

2021 AVMA Excellence Awards recipients

Advocacy and public service

U.S. Sen. Tina SmithAVMA Advocacy Award

U.S. Sen. Tina Smith

Dr. Megin Nichols MPH, DACVPMAVMA Public Service Award

Dr. Megin Nichols, MPH, DACVPM

Animal welfare

Valerie FenstermakerAVMA Humane Award

Valerie Fenstermaker

Dr. Jeff Boehm DACAWAVMA Animal Welfare Award

Dr. Jeff Boehm, DACAW

Dr. Jason Coe Ph.D.Bustad Companion Animal Veterinarian of the Year Award

Dr. Jason Coe, Ph.D.

Education and research

Dr. Steven Budsberg, MS, DACVSAVMA Career Achievement in Canine Research Award

Dr. Steven Budsberg, MS, DACVS

Dr. Larry Cowgill, Ph.D., DACVIMAVMA Clinical Research Award

Dr. Larry Cowgill, Ph.D., DACVIM

Dr. Mark Peterson, DACVIMAVMA Lifetime Excellence in Research Award

Dr. Mark Peterson, DACVIM

Dr. Brian Murphy, Ph.D., DACVPAVMF/EveryCat Health Foundation Research Award

(previously called the AVMF/Winn Feline Foundation Research Award)
Dr. Brian Murphy, Ph.D., DACVP

International affairs

Dr. Jonna Mazet, MPVM, Ph.D.AVMA Global Veterinary Service Award

Dr. Jonna Mazet, MPVM, Ph.D.

Volunteerism and leadership

Dr. Greg HammerThe AVMA Award

Dr. Greg Hammer

Dr. Stuart BrownAVMA Meritorious Service Award

Dr. Stuart Brown

President's Awards

Dr. Mark Carlson and Dr. René CarlsonPresident’s Award #1

Dr. Mark Carlson and Dr. René Carlson

Carole JordanPresident’s Award #2

Carole Jordan

AVMA AsclepiusPresident’s Award #3

Veterinary profession

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