House Advisory Committee

House Advisory Committee


The House Advisory Committee (HAC) consists of seven members elected by the House of Delegates to advise and make recommendations to the House of Delegates and Board of Directors, and to review and approve the credentials of candidates for President, President-Elect, Vice President, councils, and the House Advisory Committee. The following individuals compose the House Advisory Committee:

Chair – Dr. Saundra Willis, Tacoma, Washington – Representing at-large

Vice Chair – Dr. Jon Pennell, Las Vegas, Nevada – Representing at-large

Dr. Rex Anderson, Absarokee, Montana – Representing at-large

Dr. Amanda Bisol, Skowhegan, Maine – Representing at-large

Dr. James Brett, Starkville, Mississippi – Representing at-large

Dr. Sandra Faeh Butler, River Forest, Illinois – Representing at-large

Dr. Libby Todd, Birmingham, Alabama – Representing at-large