Animal health and welfare

Animal health and welfare
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  • Discover practical AVMA tools and programs that support veterinarians in caring for animals.
  • Learn about the role of veterinarians in protecting animal health and welfare.
Animal health and welfare

Veterinarians and veterinary teams are committed to protecting the health and welfare of animals. We don’t just care for animals when they’re sick or injured. We provide preventive care and exams that keep them healthy, work with owners to make sure they get nutritious food, help manage their weight, provide guidance on behavior and training, offer advice on pet selection, actively explore emerging technologies to improve patient care, and much more. 

From pets to livestock, horses, laboratory animals, zoo animals, aquatic animals, wildlife, and beyond, veterinarians’ work preserves the health and welfare of all animal species in all settings.

Pet health awareness events

These events offer timely opportunities to showcase the roles of veterinarians and the importance of clients partnering with the veterinary team to keep pets healthy and happy.

National Pet Dental Health Month
National Dog Bite Prevention Week®
National Pet Week®
National Check the Chip Day