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Certification program

The Educational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates® (ECFVG®) certification program is accepted by all state veterinary regulatory boards and the federal government as meeting, either in part or full, the educational prerequisite for licensure or certain types of employment.

On these pages, you can contact the ECFVG office, learn more about the history of the ECFVG program, meet the staff and the members of the Commission overseeing the program, see an overview of the four-step program, read the complete Policies and Procedures of the ECFVG, and find other useful resources including contact information for state veterinary regulatory boards.

The ECFVG certification program consists of the following four steps designed to be completed in order. For complete instructions for each of the program steps, click on any step below or use the links at the left.

New Surgery Requirement for Candidates who Enroll on or after July 1, 2014

Fee Increase for Full CPEs in 2018 - 2020​