AVMA partnerships

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Joining together to strengthen the veterinary profession

For over a century and a half, the AVMA has supported veterinarians, veterinary medicine and animal health at the local, national and global levels. Our commitment to our members is uncompromising, and we don’t do it alone. We partner with many organizations, corporations, institutions, nonprofits and others who share our commitment to support animal health and advance veterinary medicine. Through these relationships, we've built a cohesive network of communication, education and influence that reaches every corner of the nation and beyond, and every facet of the profession.

Partnerships, sponsorships and support from outside organizations are instrumental in helping the AVMA build tools and resources that help working veterinarians. They’re also key to amplifying our voice as we advocate for both veterinary professionals and our animal patients.

Partner with us

There are many opportunities to partner with the AVMA to help support our members and join in our work to protect, promote and advance veterinarians, veterinary teams, and veterinary medicine.

AVMAPartnershipsatavma [dot] org (Contact us) to learn more about AVMA initiatives, and how your organization can collaborate with us.