AVMA media relations guide


AVMA media relations guide
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  • Connect with our media relations team for help in reporting on topics related to veterinary medicine.

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The American Veterinary Medical Association's media relations team is a resource for reporters, writers, editors, and broadcasters covering all topics related to veterinary medicine. We're eager to connect you with knowledgeable and articulate experts on issues ranging from veterinary care guidelines, nutrition, and behavior to veterinary debt and wellbeing, public health and food safety, veterinary education and accreditation, medical discovery, and much more.

Our network of approximately 350 veterinary organizations and institutions extends across the entire nation and into every facet of veterinary medicine. This includes the many areas where animal health intersects with human and environmental health – the concept known as One Health.

The world of veterinary medicine is filled with stories and personalities. Your readers, listeners, and viewers are interested in learning how veterinary medicine impacts their lives on a daily basis, as well as how to properly care for their animals. The AVMA media relations team can assist you in finding those stories.

Please contact our media relations team for help with your specific project.

Veterinary medicine: Beyond pet care

We all know veterinarians as the educated, compassionate professionals who care for our nation's millions of pets. But veterinarians do much more than that and can inform your reporting on many more topics:

  • Veterinarians are the preeminent experts in animal health, animal welfare, and animal behavior.
  • Animals are important to public health and safety in many ways, and veterinarians are uniquely qualified to address these connections. These areas include medical research, food safety, disease detection and prevention, and drug development.
  • Veterinarians are vital to animal agriculture and protect our supply of safe, nutritious food.
  • By preventing zoonotic disease outbreaks and bioterrorism attacks targeting food animals, veterinarians play a key role in national security.
  • Veterinarians also are integral in community outreach and educating the public on the interconnectedness of animal health, human health, and environmental health.