The AVMA represents the interests of veterinarians across the country through strategically targeted advocacy work. Learn what AVMA is doing to advance veterinary medicine, and get involved with tools that make your advocacy work more effective.

National legislation

The AVMA represents and amplifies veterinarians’ voices when federal lawmakers consider issues that affect animal health, public health and the veterinary profession. Learn what AVMA is doing to advance veterinary medicine at the national level.

State & local issues

AVMA works with state and local veterinary associations to advocate for animal health, animal welfare, and the advancement of veterinary medicine. We work closely with our local partners to craft policies, give guidance, and provide other assistance that helps them meet their advocacy goals.

International affairs

International alliances are a key component of AVMA’s work to support veterinarians and our profession. Whether looking at scientific issues, advocating for wise public policy, or improving the daily lives of veterinarians, international partnerships strengthen our ability to make a difference.