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  • Learn what AVMA is doing to advance veterinary medicine.
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  • Act on issues that impact veterinarians and our profession.

The AVMA represents the interests of veterinarians through strategically targeted advocacy in Congress, with regulatory agencies, and before the courts. At the state level, we work as trusted partners to complement the advocacy work of state veterinary medical associations. Powered by the strength and support of AVMA’s diverse membership, we’re putting ideas into action around issues important to veterinarians, veterinary teams, our animal patients, and our clients:

  • Education and student debt
  • Economics
  • Small business
  • Animal welfare
  • Research
  • Public health
  • Access to veterinary care
  • Scope of practice
  • Much more

AVMA is the only national veterinary organization working with policymakers in all branches of the government to strengthen every aspect of the veterinary profession, ensure veterinary viewpoints are heard, and elevate the voices of our individual members.

AVMA Political Action Committee (PAC)

The AVMA PAC helps veterinarians build relationships with lawmakers, amplifying the AVMA's voice on Capitol Hill. The PAC unites AVMA and SAVMA members' voices, strengthening our impact and ability to protect and advance veterinary medicine, our clients, and patients.

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AVMA Congressional Advocacy Network

The AVMA Congressional Advocacy Network (AVMA CAN) empowers you with tools to speak up on decisions that impact veterinarians and issues we care about. You can help protect our profession and ensure that veterinary causes are advanced. 

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