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In this article:
  • Learn how AVMA’s advocacy work helps protect, promote, and advance animal health. 
  • Discover the animal health issues that are among AVMA's priorities when working with Washington policymakers. 
  • Find out how to stay up-to-date on animal health issues being discussed in Congress.

The AVMA’s mission is to lead the veterinary profession by advocating for AVMA members, and advancing the science and practice of veterinary medicine to improve animal and human health. An important part of that mission is achieved through the AVMA’s advocacy work with the policymakers who make laws and regulations that affect our animal patients.

Veterinary knowledge is critical to ensure that the nation’s laws and regulations protect and support the health of animals. That’s why the AVMA is active in Washington whenever policy that would affect animal health is under consideration. This includes measures addressing these and other issues:

  • Dangerous animal diseases
  • Food additives and other substances that are toxic to pets
  • Transportation and import of animals
  • Inclusion of animals in disaster planning and preparedness
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Ask Congress to improve dog importation standards

The Healthy Dog Importation Act would tighten importation standards to ensure that all dogs entering the United States are healthy and not at risk to spread dangerous disease. Ask your senators and representative to support this important bill.

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AVMA's advocacy work is powered by the combined strength of our diverse membership. From online letter-writing to in-person visits with lawmakers, volunteer advocates help drive legislative successes that protect, promote, and advance the veterinary profession. You can start with these simple actions:

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