Volunteering with the AVMA

Volunteer Opportunities
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  • Nominate yourself or others for positions on AVMA councils, committees, and task forces.
Volunteer Opportunities

The AVMA is a member-driven organization, guided by volunteers. Member volunteers power our work on behalf of our colleagues and the veterinary profession. Committed AVMA members who serve on councils, committees, task forces, and in the House of Delegates and Board of Directors, are fundamental to the AVMA’s success.

Any AVMA voting member can volunteer, and there are myriad ways to get involved. As a volunteer, you’ll help shape the direction of the Association and our profession. You’ll also meet new colleagues, forge valuable and lasting relationships, and give back to the profession by making a difference on the key issues affecting veterinary medicine.

How do I become a volunteer?

The best way to get involved is to run for election to one of our councils, committees, task forces, or trusts. You’ll need to have up-to-date professional information in your AVMA membership profile to do this.

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What does an AVMA volunteer do?

Volunteers do a wide variety of work on behalf of colleagues and the AVMA, on topics ranging from antimicrobials to medical ethics, and from legislation to education.

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Who can volunteer?

Any AVMA voting member can volunteer, and we’re proud to have members from all areas of the profession represented in leadership roles.

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Why should I become a volunteer?

AVMA volunteer leaders help shape crucial policies and procedures for the Association and have influence at every level of government. Volunteering empowers you to give back to the profession while making personal connections and developing personal and leadership skills.

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When would I be needed?

The length of volunteer terms and meeting frequency depend on the volunteer position you hold.

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Where do AVMA volunteers serve?

Where you spend your time as an AVMA volunteer also depends on the specific work you sign on to do. Many committee, council, and task force meetings happen at AVMA headquarters outside Chicago.

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