When would I be needed?

If you decide to volunteer to serve on an AVMA council or committee, generally plan on serving a three-year term for most committees and councils. Where applicable, committee and council members may seek a second three-year term. Council and committee members make a trip to AVMA Headquarters twice a year.

Members of the Board of Directors are elected to six-year terms and meet seven times each year-- in January, April, June, August and November, and twice at the annual convention in July.

House of Delegates members are elected to four-year terms. Two sessions of the House of Delegates are held. The Regular Winter Session takes place in January during the Veterinary Leadership Conference, and the Regular Annual Session is held in July just prior to the annual convention.

The seven-member House Advisory Committee meets five times a year—twice during the annual convention in July, once in January right before the Veterinary Leadership Conference, and once in the fall and spring, typically in November and April.

Other volunteers are used on an as-needed basis, depending on both your schedule and the needs of the project for which you are volunteering.