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JAVMA Cover - April 2023
April 2023 | Vol. 261 | No. 4

A one-health review on brucellosis in the United States
Brucellosis has been eradicated from domestic livestock in the US. However, it continues to be detected in companion animals and wildlife reservoirs throughout the world. The international enzootic presence of Brucella spp poses a threat to human and animal health, warranting its spotlight on the one-health stage.

Genomic tumor analysis provides clinical guidance for the management of diagnostically challenging cancers in dogs
Tumor genomic analysis provided diagnostic guidance, prognostic support, and therapeutic options for 86% of dogs whose cancer diagnosis did not include a specific histotype.

Use of a colorimeter is a viable method to measure melanin and erythema content in the context of laser beam attenuation by use of a class IV laser in different tissues in dogs
Hair should be clipped prior to photobiomodulation to decrease laser beam attenuation and increased laser doses should be used in thicker tissues and for dogs with high melanin content.


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A biomechanical comparison of a novel two-loop suture technique and two sutures for laryngoplasty in the horse
A standard 2-suture technique and a novel 2-loop pulley technique were equally strong and achieved a similar cross-sectional area of the equine rima glottidis. This novel 2-loop pulley load-sharing suture technique could help achieve and maintain the desired degree of abduction during laryngoplasty in horses with exercise intolerance due to recurrent laryngeal neuropathy.

No evidence for a negative association between bovine leukemia virus status and fertility in Kansas beef herds: a cross-sectional study
Testing cows for bovine leukemia virus status using ELISA, qPCR, or a cut-off of 0.9 proviral load and removing test-positive cows did not improve cowherd fertility.

Antibody response over time correlated with treatment outcome in 30 dogs naturally infected with Brucella canis (2017–2022)
Young dogs presenting with recurring lameness or back pain should be screened for B canis infection.



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