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JAVMA Cover - December 1, 2021
Dec 1, 2021 | Vol. 259 | No. 11

Population-level analysis of antibiotic use and death rates in beef feedlots over ten years in three cattle-feeding regions of the United States
Reporting of antibiotic use in food-animal production systems differs among countries. In the US, the FDA has proposed reporting of the metric milligrams sold for each antimicrobial drug class per total biomass for each target species, but additional data sources are needed to assess use across the entire lifetime of feeder cattle.

Ophthalmic disorders in a referral population of seven breeds of brachycephalic dogs: 970 cases (2008–2017)
Some brachycephalic dog breeds have been rising in popularity, and practitioners should be prepared to treat them. Over a 10-year period, the most common ophthalmic disorders for 7 brachycephalic breeds were corneal ulcers, keratoconjunctivitis sicca, corneal pigmentation, immature cataracts, and uveitis.

Clinical evaluation of the effects of a single oral dose of gabapentin on fear-based aggressive behaviors in cats during veterinary examinations
Oral administration of gabapentin to cats 2 hours before a veterinary visit can reduce fear-based aggressive behaviors during a physical examination. Such use may allow veterinarians to perform more complete evaluations and could encourage owners to return for recommended veterinary visits.


Current issue of AJVR

AJVR Cover - December 2021
Vol. 82 | No. 12 | December 2021

Simulation of the effect of low-cost companion animal clinics on the market for veterinary services
Are low-cost clinics really undesirable competition? A simulation of 2 clinics (full-service and low-cost) with 2 market segments showed that the lower the price charged at the low-cost clinic, the greater the profits for the full-service clinic.

Effects of morphine on histamine release from two cell lines of canine mast cell tumor and on plasma histamine concentrations in dogs with cutaneous mast cell tumor
Hesitant to use morphine in dogs with mast cell tumors due to potential release of histamine by mast cells? No significant changes in plasma histamine concentration or hemodynamic parameters were found in morphine-treated dogs undergoing MCT excision.

Changes in electrolyte concentrations and hydration status in endurance horses following transport and an overnight stay prior to competition
Can endurance horses start out with electrolyte abnormalities even before competition? A prospective study found that significant electrolyte changes can occur during transport to a competition and when stabled overnight before an event.



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