Veterinary economics

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  • Learn how AVMA’s work in veterinary economics informs and advances our profession and helps AVMA members.
  • Find out about opportunities to learn from AVMA economists in person or online.
  • Discover economic tools to help you succeed financially, both in business and personally.
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The AVMA has for years been a trusted source of comprehensive economic data and analysis for the veterinary marketplace. AVMA research is relied on by the media, industry leaders, and a wide range of organizations serving our profession. Equally important, the AVMA uses it to build practical tools that help AVMA members succeed financially.

This work is overseen by the AVMA's team of economists and the Veterinary Economics Strategy Committee. Together, they monitor economic developments in the profession and craft tools and materials to deliver information that improves business knowledge, acumen, and financial success across the profession.

Education and CE

AVMA’s economists educate veterinarians and others in the profession through a wide range of CE offerings. These include our annual AVMA Economic Summit, webinars, and presentations offered across the profession.


The yearly AVMA Business and Economic Forum provides context and data that help attendees make informed decisions and drives thought leadership on the economic challenges and opportunities confronting the veterinary profession.

CE webinars

Learn strategies and practical tactics to improve your personal finances, understand economic trends, grow practice profitability, and plan for the future. Browse a wide range of business, finance, and economic courses on AVMA Axon.

Economic reports

AVMA’s economic and market reports are the premier source of complete and unbiased financial and market information for our profession. AVMA research and analysis is insightful, data-driven, and relevant to veterinary medicine. Key economic reports include the annual Pet Ownership and Demographics Sourcebook and Economic State of the Profession. AVMA’s economists also work with state and specialty veterinary associations to provide research and analysis on specific sectors of the profession.

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Practice financial tools

Market share estimator

This tool provides companion animal practices a step-by-step process to calculate the potential size of your local market, identify your current market share, and set realistic goals for growth.

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Profit and loss calculator

This simple tool turns your P&L statement into a powerful source of insight to drive increased efficiency and innovation.

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Veterinary Industry Tracker

Benchmark your transactional data against thousands of other veterinary practices with this interactive dashboard, updated daily.

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Veterinary Debt Initiative (VDI)

The AVMA has joined with organizations across the veterinary profession to form the Veterinary Debt Initiative (VDI), a multi-faceted partnership working to improve the financial picture for veterinarians. The VDI shares best practices, knowledge and ideas to enhance financial literacy, explores ways to reduce the cost of education, and creates resources to help veterinarians reduce and manage debt. The partnership also advocates for informed public policy that supports veterinarians financially.

Economic research in JAVMA

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