Personal financial planning tool

Track, plan, overcome, succeed!


Reach your financial goals with the easy-to-use AVMA personal financial planning tool - track your expenses, plan for your future, and succeed!

The AVMA’s personal financial planning tool will help you build a personalized estimate of your budget needs so you can plan how to repay debt in an acceptable time frame while also saving for the future. Everyone talks about the importance of budgeting, but actually setting up a budget can be daunting. This tool helps make it easy by walking you through each of the essential steps.

The time to complete the tool varies among users, from 30 minutes to 3 hours.  You can start using the tool at any time, then save your information and return later to continue working.  It may be helpful to have certain financial documents or information available as you complete your budget.  These documents would include:

  • Pay stubs
  • Bills for utilities, cell phone, internet, cable/satellite television, etc.
  • Rent/mortgage payment information
  • Vehicle lease or loan information
  • Information on student loans and other loans/debt (you may want to visit NSLDS to retrieve your federal student loan balances)
  • Credit card statements for up to a year
  • Statements indicating your savings and retirement contributions
  • Dues invoices for associations, clubs, or other organizations
  • Charitable donation documentation
  • Receipts for groceries, restaurants, entertainment, personal hygiene products, etc.

Once you have completed your budget, submit the data anonymously so that you may compare yourself to your peers and access benchmark information in the coming year. As we build our database, you will be able to search income and expenses by certain categories, such as graduation year, occupation type, and ZIP/postal code.

We also offer additional personal financial planning resources. Find cost of living comparisons, a calculator to help pay off your credit card debt, information on student loan repayment and consolidation, tips on how to stand out in your new job, and much more!

For answers to common questions regarding the tool, see our FAQ page.