Veterinary Industry Tracker

Data trends from veterinary practices

Keep a pulse on veterinary practice trends and economic health with this interactive dashboard. With data updated daily from thousands of veterinary practices, the Veterinary Industry Tracker shows revenue and visits per practice, year-over-year comparisons, product sales, and much more. Use it to monitor business activity across the profession and get benchmarks for comparison with your own veterinary practice. The Veterinary Industry Tracker is powered by a partnership between the AVMA and VetSuccess.

How to use

Click the expand arrows in the bottom right corner of the tracker to view full screen. Hit Esc to exit full screen. Mouse over the charts to see additional data breakdowns.

More insights

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AVMA and VetSuccess: About the partnership

The Veterinary Industry Tracker is powered jointly by the AVMA and VetSuccess. This unique collaboration provides the veterinary community with the latest insights on economic trends and performance of veterinary practices. The partnership brings together highly respected economists, statisticians, and data scientists to deliver actionable analysis and advanced research, empowering veterinary practices to grow and succeed.

The Veterinary Industry Tracker is updated daily and subject to change based on availability and data adjustments.


Direct any questions to supportatvetsuccess [dot] com, or telephone 866-408-8554.

Use of the Veterinary Industry Tracker is subject to the VetSuccess terms of use in addition to AVMA’s website terms of use.