Continuing education (CE)

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Continuing education is critical for veterinary professionals looking to stay at the forefront. New techniques, research, and trends emerge constantly, and we look for CE that is relevant, convenient, and practical. We don't just want to learn—We want ways to incorporate this learning into our daily lives. That's how we meet our personal and professional goals.

The AVMA has you covered, whether you're a veterinarian, technician, practice manager, or other team member. In addition to the high-quality CE you rely on at AVMA Convention and other AVMA meetings, our digital education center AVMA Axon® takes online learning to a new level.

AVMA Axon®

AVMA Axon® provides a full library of convenient, easy-to-use CE courses with a promise that you'll find ways to apply your learning immediately.

Courses on AVMA Axon® transform learning into activity—by incorporating "Axon actions" you can implement after completing each course. Axon Actions cement your learning and help you apply it to achieve your goals.

AVMA Axon® helps you transform knowledge and information into new behaviors that make a real impact in your life and the lives of your patients.

With 24/7 access to on-demand courses and recorded podcasts, and a calendar of live webinars to choose from, you're guaranteed high-quality content whenever and wherever you decide.

Start learning

on-demand webinars

Explore critical and timely topics taught by veterinary leaders on topics that matter most to you. All CE courses are free or discounted for AVMA members. Browse these categories:
Agile pioneers
Best of AVMA Convention and events
Business, finance, and economics
Career development
Diversity, equity, and inclusion
One Health
Policy and practice

Certificate programs

Our multi-module certificate programs offer a robust and interactive learning experience for all veterinary team members. Complete the modules individually or as a unit, earning an AVMA certificate of completion. Certificate programs are free for AVMA members.

Workplace wellbeing 1: Setting the foundation
5.0 hours CE credit

Wellbeing within the workplace is key to individual and organizational productivity, engagement, satisfaction, and overall health. This certificate program empowers everyone on the veterinary team with the knowledge and skills to create a culture of wellbeing in your veterinary workplace. Made possible by an educational grant from Merck Animal Health.

Workplace wellbeing 2: Self and social awareness
3.0 hours CE credit

Take a deep dive into three areas central to workplace wellbeing: self-awareness, social awareness, and conflict management. Building on key information and skills covered in “Workplace Wellbeing 1: Setting the Foundation,” participants will come away with powerful new strategies to bring your organization to the next level of workplace wellbeing. Made possible by an educational grant from Merck Animal Health

Brave Space Certificate Program
7.0 hours CE credit

Veterinarians and our teams must be able to meet the needs of all people, regardless of differences in race, sex, gender, ability, or any other lived experience. Learn how to make your practice a Brave Space—one in which everyone is seen and valued, from team members, to patients and clients, to the communities we serve. Created in collaboration with founding educational partner, Pride Veterinary Medical Community (PrideVMC), and made possible by an educational grant from Royal Canin.

Veterinary First Responder Certificate Program

This certificate program ensures participants have the knowledge and skills to respond efficiently and effectively to disasters. Participants choose among pre-approved courses to satisfy eight core competencies and demonstrate mastery to serve as veterinary first responders in emergencies and disaster situations. Made possible in part through educational funding from the American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF).

Disaster Business Continuity Certificate Program
3.0 hours CE credit

Continuity planning and preparedness are key to business survival. AVMA’s Disaster Business Continuity Certificate Program teaches participants how to create and implement a plan to prepare your business for—and minimize the impact of—emergencies and disasters.

Meetings and events

AVMA's conferences and topical symposiums are unrivaled venues for learning and networking. These include:

  • AVMA Convention: Our flagship conference held every summer brings together thousands of veterinarians from across the country for five full days of education taught by the best and brightest in veterinary medicine.
  • Veterinary Leadership Conference (VLC): Three days of networking and workshops empower current and emerging leaders to hone leadership skills and learn about the inner workings of policy development at the AVMA.
  • Symposiums and summits: Topical events bring together experts and thought leaders from across the veterinary profession to examine critical, timely issues.