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Teachers, counselors, parents, and advisors play important roles in guiding students – including future veterinarians – toward rewarding careers. So do AVMA members, who as working veterinarians talk with students in their local communities about the many career possibilities within veterinary medicine.

AVMA materials are available to help broaden students' understanding of veterinary medicine and cultivate their interest in science and technology. These educational tools are targeted by grade level, and most can be downloaded easily for use in the classroom.

Coloring/Activity books

Grades K-3

Available in both English and Spanish, “What do veterinarians do?” provides activities that teach young children about animals and how veterinarians keep animals healthy.

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Lesson plans

Grades 4-6

Our Teacher Guide has background information, lessons, and activities that help students understand what veterinarians do to protect animals, people, and the environment.

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Career brochures

Grades 7-12

Inform students about career requirements and opportunities for veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and veterinary hospital staff with this series of three colorful brochures - available in both English and Spanish.

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Career comic book

Grades 4-6, Grades 7-12

Get students' attention with "V-Force: Veterinarians to the Rescue" - an action-   packed comic book with six superhero veterinarians who show the diverse career opportunities in veterinary medicine.

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Take students’ career explorations to the next level. These resources will help them make smart decisions in preparation for possible veterinary careers.

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