Media contacts

The AVMA media relations team is eager to connect you with the experts and background information you need to report on every aspect of veterinary medicine. Our network of knowledgeable, articulate sources covers every aspect of veterinary medicine – from behavior and pet health, to food safety and national security.

Veterinarians don't just keep pets and livestock healthy. We work in public health, academia, uniformed services, and many other fields. Veterinarians are expert in all facets of animal health, welfare, and behavior. We're also uniquely qualified to address the many ways that animals impact public health and the safety of people. These include medical research, food safety, disease detection and prevention, and drug development. Veterinarians advance human health through medical discovery, fight zoonotic diseases like rabies and avian flu, and protect our national security as the first and best line of defense against highly pathogenic animal diseases.

Contact our media relations team to get information and connect with knowledgeable sources on these and other topics.

Meet our team

Michael San Filippo
Media Relations Manager
Email: msanfilippoatavma [dot] org (msanfilippo[at]avma[dot]org)

Colin MacCarthy
Advocacy Communications Manager
Email: cmaccarthyatavma [dot] org (cmaccarthy[at]avma[dot]org)

Mark Rosati
Assistant Director of Public Relations
Email: mrosatiatavma [dot] org (mrosati[at]avma[dot]org)

Lisa Howard
Division Director of Public Relations
Email: lhowardatavma [dot] org (lhoward[at]avma[dot]org)