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Just one thing: Practical tips for veterinary practices

As technology continues to evolve, there are many ways we can leverage advances to streamline operations, improve workflow, and boost productivity.

While not every new piece of technology makes sense to implement immediately, many offer the promise of greater efficiency and are worth considering. Taking your technology use to a new level may offer a productivity boost that benefits team members and the business alike. 

Here’s a quick way to start

The first step is to determine which technologies may be worth exploring in your practice. Tackle this in 15 minutes or less by taking the following steps:

  1. Identify which of these technologies your practice has not yet adopted: 
    • Electronic medical record software
    • Practice information management software (PIMS)
    • Online appointment scheduling
    • Client communications software integrated with management software
    • Digital inventory management 
    • Online pharmacy
    • Telehealth
  2. Think about how they might benefit your practice and what’s been holding you back from adopting them.
  3. Choose one technology to consider trialing in your practice to challenge your reservations and explore the benefits. (If you’re an AVMA member, check out the AVMA’s free purchasing platform, Direct Connect, which can simplify purchasing and inventory and also let you see current consumer prices on pharmacy products.)

In considering where technology might aid your practice, you can begin assessing its costs and possible efficiency gains, exploring service providers, and taking next steps towards implementation.

Want to dig deeper?

Looking for more ideas about new technologies to consider? 

See which innovations are most commonly employed in veterinary hospitals in the AVMA’s 2023 Report on the Economic State of the Veterinary Profession, free to AVMA members. 
(For example, online appointment scheduling was already in use in 33% of practices surveyed in 2022.)

Don’t forget to make sure you’re using current technology solutions to their fullest. Check out the previous Just One Thing tip: Harnessing technology to bolster efficiency


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