ECFVG policies and procedures - AVMA ECFVG®-listed veterinary colleges

April 2020

To be eligible to enroll in the ECFVG certification program, an individual must be a graduate of, or final-year student at, an AVMA ECFVG®-listed veterinary college. AVMA ECFVG®-listed veterinary colleges are not accredited by the AVMA COE® (Council on Education). A graduate of a non-listed veterinary college cannot enroll in the ECFVG program until the college becomes listed.

Neither the AVMA nor the ECFVG represents that the AVMA ECFVG®-listed Veterinary Schools of The World is a comprehensive list of all veterinary schools in the world. Other organizations, such as the World Veterinary Association ( and the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (, also maintain lists of veterinary schools. However, to enroll in the ECFVG program, a veterinarian must be a graduate of one of the institutions/programs included in the AVMA ECFVG®-listed Veterinary Schools of The World.

The AVMA ECFVG®-listed Veterinary Schools of The World includes all schools that were listed by the World Health Organization in its World Directory of Veterinary Schools, published in 1973. Additional listed schools also were described in the 1983 Pan American Health Organization publication, Diagnosis of Animal Health in the Americas, and in the World Veterinary Directory 1991, edited by the World Veterinary Association in cooperation with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the World Health Organization, and the OIE. The list also includes additional schools that have come to the attention of the ECFVG for reasons related to the certification program. The time required to verify that the school is officially recognized is variable and depends on the country or language of communication. Sometimes, it may take a long time – weeks, perhaps, even months or longer -- to get back the necessary information about school recognition within the country of origin. Candidates interested in registering for the ECFVG certification program should plan well in advance as the time required for some aspects of the certification process is beyond the control of ECFVG.

Should a graduate of a non-listed college apply to the ECFVG program, the ECFVG requires that the college obtain a letter from the federal Ministry of Education indicating that the college is recognized by the government of that country and that its graduates are eligible to practice veterinary medicine within that country without restriction. The letter must also include complete contact information for the college (full name, address, telephone and fax numbers, E-mail address, and Web site) and the full name and abbreviation of the veterinary degree awarded. After the ECFVG reviews and approves necessary documentation, the college will be added to the list.