Animal health

Animal Health
In this article:
  • Discover AVMA resources that support veterinarians in caring for animals.
  • Find information about therapeutics, diet and nutrition, food recalls, and product safety alerts.
  • Get clinical information and client materials about common animal diseases.
  • Explore AVMA tools to help you promote responsible animal ownership and preventive care.
Animal Health

Veterinarians and our teams are central to promoting optimal health for all animal species in all settings— from pets to livestock, horses, laboratory animals, aquatic animals, zoo animals, and wildlife. We don’t just care for animals when they’re sick or injured. We help our clients select the right animal for the right purpose and recommend preventive care to keep their animals healthy.

Explore AVMA materials covering animal selection, nutrition, disease management, the responsible use of pharmaceuticals and biologics (including antimicrobials and vaccines), and more.

Responsible pet ownership

Educating clients about what it means to be a responsible pet owner empowers them to do their part to keep their animals safe and healthy. Use these resources to guide clients in making well-informed decisions about selecting and caring for pets.

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