Obesity: A toolkit for veterinarians

As veterinarians, we see animals that are overweight or obese on a daily basis. We know all too well how this extra weight can affect an animal's health and quality of life, and we work vigilantly to explain this to clients and motivate them to help us bring their animals to healthier weights.

Here are tools that can help. Use these materials to show clients how much extra weight their animals are carrying, help them understand the associated risks, and enlist them as partners in preventing and reducing obesity. In addition to general education materials, there also are tailored tools specific to canine, feline and equine obesity.

These tools are available for the exclusive use of AVMA members, as a benefit of your membership in the AVMA. Many of the materials were created with help from the 2017-2018 class of AVMA Future Leaders, who developed the Promise campaign to end animal obesity.

Download this video to play in your veterinary hospital (AVMA members only).

Obesity education

Obesity tools for companion animals

Equine tools

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