Animal welfare

Two veterinarians walking through barn with numerous cows
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  • Discover AVMA resources that support veterinarians in preserving the welfare of animals in any setting.
  • Find AVMA policies, comprehensive literature reviews, and practical guidance on key animal welfare topics, including animal abuse; humane endings; and the human-animal bond.
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Two veterinarians walking through barn with numerous cows

Protecting animal welfare is a veterinary commitment that encompasses all aspects of an animal’s wellbeing, both physical and mental. Good animal welfare requires disease prevention and treatment, responsible care, proper housing, management, nutrition, humane handling, and—when necessary—humane euthanasia.

AVMA resources help guide the profession in our commitment to preserve the welfare of all animals in any setting—from pets to horses, livestock, poultry, laboratory, zoo, wildlife, and beyond. Explore the materials below by featured topic or species.

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