Pets and disasters

Two men sit on a gym floor with their dogs in a disaster evacuation situation

We always need to be prepared to take care of our animals, especially during disasters such as fire, flood, or other emergencies. In cases of fire or natural disasters, you need to be prepared in case your pet gets injured, lost, or has to be evacuated.

  • A pre-determined plan in case of a disaster will help you remain calm and think clearly.
  • Remember to communicate and cooperate with all emergency personnel.
  • If you must leave the premises let someone know where you are going and try to remain in contact with that person.

Watch video: Saving the Whole Family: Disaster Prep and Your Pets

Pet evacuation kit checklist


Pet evacuation kit checklist​

Download AVMA's pet evacuation kit checklist to make sure you—and your pets—are prepared for the unexpected.


Also available in Spanish: Kit de evacuación para mascotas