Animal welfare assessments: Test your knowledge

Evaluating the welfare of an animal in its authentic living environment is a complex process. Though it may seem cut and dried to the untrained eye, even seasoned experts sometimes have difficulty gauging optimal living conditions in a given scenario.

These interactive quizzes give you an opportunity to see how your animal welfare assessment skills measure up. Based on scenarios from the AVMA's annual Intercollegiate Animal Welfare Assessment Contest, these quizzes demonstrate the many different components that go into a comprehensive animal welfare assessment.

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Working dogs

Working Dogs assessment quiz

Working horses

Working Horses assessment quiz

Breeding-farm llamas

Breeding-farm llamas assessment quiz

About the contest

AVMA's Intercollegiate Animal Welfare Assessment Contest, sponsored by Merck Animal Health, helps students and practicing veterinarians better understand how animal welfare is assessed in applied settings. Held annually, it includes educational seminars as well as live and computer-based assessment activities. Veterinary, undergraduate, and graduate students are eligible to compete, and a limited number of AVMA member veterinarians are awarded travel stipends to attend as non-competitive participants. Learn more on the contest website.​