Transportation of research animals for the purpose of research, testing, and education

The AVMA supports the transportation of animals for research, testing, and education when that transportation is conducted in accord with regulations and guidelines that assure animals are handled appropriately per age and species needs and transport is conducted humanely. This transportation refers to any movement of animals intended for use in research, testing, and/or education from one facility (dedicated breeding or research) to another. Those handling the animals during transport must be well trained and competent in performing tasks and making decisions related to the welfare of the animal(s) during the transport.

Veterinarians are responsible for ensuring the appropriate transportation of animals for research, testing, and education, and therefore should be involved in the evaluation of specific transportation methods. Both air and ground transportation methods should be available in order to select the method(s) that provide the highest degree of animal welfare protection, taking into consideration the animal species and particular transportation situation.