Research priorities of the American Veterinary Medical Association


The mission of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) includes improvement of animal and human health. To fulfill this, the AVMA is committed to advancing the science and practice of veterinary medicine, including its relationship to public health, biologic science, the environment, and agriculture. The AVMA has a long history of commitment to advocating for improved food safety and security, advanced veterinary medical education, enhanced animal and human health and welfare, strengthened biomedical research, and fostering environmental quality. In this regard, the AVMA strongly prioritizes the overall concept of One Health as a model for integration of relevant clinical and scientific expertise to solve problems with cross-disciplinary origins. Moving towards the future, the AVMA has identified the following research-related issues as high priority:

Research and / or programs that address or support:

  • Clinical research for the benefit of animal health
  • Infectious and zoonotic diseases of animals and humans
  • Environmental issues relating to animal and human well being
  • Food security and food safety
  • Enhanced animal welfare and the human-animal bond
  • Basic and translational research on human and animal disease
  • Training veterinarians for the research workforce