The AVMA Award

Nomination Form

Established in 1931, this award is designed to recognize distinguished members of the Association who have contributed to the advancement of veterinary medicine in its organizational aspects. Veterinarians who have exerted outstanding leadership in building stronger local, state, or regional associations, or who have contributed to the improvement of the national organization, are eligible.


AVMA members may nominate qualified veterinarians, who are members of the AVMA, for this award. To ensure that each nomination includes the necessary information, submit each using the official nomination form and being certain to complete all areas for requested information.

Supporting Material

  • Each nomination must include:
    • A completed nomination form
    • A copy of the candidate's curriculum vitae
    • A cover letter including a brief sketch of the nominee's professional background and a statement pertaining to the individual's qualifications for the award
  • Letters seconding, endorsing, or supporting nominations for awards will not be used in evaluating candidates.

Selection Process

​The AVMA Board of Directors reviews the nominations and selects the recipient, and the winner is honored at the AVMA Annual Convention. An awardee may not be selected in a given year if no nominee for that year meets the criteria for selection.

Questions? Email avma-awardsatavma [dot] org.


2019 Dr. Roger K. Mahr
2018 Dr. R. Wayne Randolph
2017 Dr. L. Garry Adams
2015 Dr. James Thomas Vaughan, AL
2014 Dr. Henry Childers, RI
2013 Dr. James Brandt, FL
2012 Dr. James Peddie, CA
2011 Dr. John Albers, CO
2010 Dr. Leon H. Russell, TX
2009 Dr. James E. Nave, NV
2008 Dr. Peter F. Haynes, LA
2007 Dr. William J. McEniry, IL
2006 Dr. Allen Y. Miyahara, HI
2005 Dr. James A. Jarrett, GA
2004 Dr. Delano L. Proctor, Jr., KY
2003 Dr. Walter L. Martin, Jr., TN
2002 Dr. Marion T. Szatalowicz, WI
2001 Dr. R. L. Collinson, CA
2000 Dr. Owen R. Stevens, Jr., ME