AVMA Public Service Award

Nomination Form

The AVMA Public Service Award, established in 1968, was proposed by the Council on Public Health and Regulatory Veterinary Medicine to recognize an AVMA member veterinarian for long terms of outstanding public service or unusual contributions to the practice or science of public health and regulatory veterinary medicine.


Eligible veterinarians include:

  • An AVMA member who has rendered outstanding public service while employed by a municipal, county, state, or federal agency in the field of regulatory activities associated with animal disease prevention or control, food hygiene, or public health
  • An AVMA member who, as a faculty member of veterinary college, has performed outstanding service in the education and training of veterinarians in these public service activities

Supporting Material

Each nomination must include:

  • A completed nomination form
  • A copy of the nominee's curriculum vitae/resume (not to exceed two double-sided typed pages)
  • A detailed letter of nomination (not to exceed three single-sided typed pages), which describes how the nominee has met the award criteria

Each nomination may also include up to three letters of support for the nomination (not to exceed three single-sided typed pages each) from colleagues, clients, or organizations.

Selection Process

The recipient will be chosen by the Council on Public Health and Regulatory Veterinary Medicine.

The AVMA will notify both the nominator and the awardee. The winner will be honored at the AVMA Annual Convention, during the Global Health Networking Reception.

Questions? Email avma-awardsatavma [dot] org.​


2019 Dr. Bret D. Marsh
2018 Dr. Candace A. Jacobs
2017 Dr. Valerie Ragan
2016 Dr. David Suarez, GA
2015 BG John Poppe, TX
2014 Dr. Gale Galland, GA
2013 Dr. Millicent Eidson, NY
2012 Dr. Russell Currier, IA
2011 Dr. John Huntley, WA
2010 Dr. Lisa A. Conti, FL
2009 Dr. Richard Rausch, WA
2008 Dr. Daniel E. Lafontaine, SC
2007 Dr. Michael Pullen, MN
2006 Dr. James Roth, IA
2005 Dr. William Ingalls, OH
2004 Dr. Lee M. Myers, GA
2003 Dr. Thomas J. Hagerty, MN
2002 Dr. Joseph L. Blair, VA
2001 Dr. James K. Payne, FL
2000 Dr. David W. Dreesen, GA
1999 Dr. George W. Beran, IA
1998 Dr. Russell J. Martin, IL
1997 Dr. Keith A. Clark, TX