Biomedical research

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The mission of the AVMA includes advancing the science and practice of veterinary medicine to improve animal and human health. Advocacy for increasing our scientific knowledge through biomedical research aligns with this mission, providing solutions that may benefit animal as well as human health and wellbeing.

The veterinarian’s role

One Health is the concept that humans, animal, and our environment are all inextricably linked. Veterinarians are uniquely qualified to lead research efforts to that purpose. The health and wellbeing of the animals in our lives is tied to our own in a variety of ways. Many naturally-occurring diseases and disease processes in animals are identical to those in people—including osteoarthritis, diabetes, and many cancers. Because of these similarities, animals have been the beneficiaries of many therapeutic advances adopted from human medicine, and veterinary clinical trials can lead to therapies for use in people.

Veterinary medicine intersects with public health in other ways, as well. Some infectious diseases are zoonotic, meaning they are transmissible from animals to people. And still other animal diseases have the potential to impact people indirectly. For example, a disease transmitted from wild animal populations to susceptible food animals, such as cows or poultry, could endanger human food supplies. Veterinary research on zoonoses can benefit both wild and domesticated species and have an important impact on human health.

AVMA’s commitment

The AVMA has a long history of commitment to advocating for enhanced animal and human health and wellbeing. Representing more than 100,000 members, the AVMA is a formidable resource for tackling existing and emerging scientific problems related to both animal and human health. AVMA membership includes veterinarians with advanced training in fields such as nutrition, toxicology, epidemiology, microbiology, parasitology, and a multitude of other veterinary clinical specialties. Further, many AVMA members have a graduate research degree in addition to their veterinary degree.

See the research priorities of the AVMA to learn more about our advocacy for biomedical research.

Veterinary studies and clinical trials

AVMA's Veterinary Clinical Trials Registry connects veterinary researchers with practicing veterinarians and animal owners interested in participating in veterinary clinical studies.

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