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SAVMA Member Organization of the International Veterinary Student Association

What is IVSA?

The International Veterinary Students Association exists to benefit the animals and people of the world by harnessing the potential and dedication of veterinary students to promote the international application of veterinary skills, education and knowledge.

ISVA manages incoming student applications from all over the world, vettes them and forwards to the International Exchange Officer in the relevant country.  These foreign students are matched to their field of focus and placed into veterinary clinics and hospitals in the US that have expressed interest in serving as host practices.

Hosting an International Veterinary Student

Dozens of veterinary students from universities across the globe apply for veterinary externship positions in the United States each year.

International students benefit from the clinical experiences they enjoy here, and this can only be provided by you. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to share your knowledge and special skills with future veterinarians from all over the world.

The Process
  • International students complete an application which includes the following:
    • Cover letter explaining their goals and past veterinary related work experience.
    • Written recommendation from either a faculty member or veterinarian who knows the student personally and can speak to their work ethic, experience and character.
    • Picture
  • The application is submitted to the International Exchange Officer (IEO) of ISVA and forwarded to SAVMA. Then, the IEO matches the application with a participating veterinarian on file, based on specialty, field of research, interests, etc and other parameters specified by you such as:
    • Desired level of involvement (working full-time, observing & working, observing only) 
    • Desired level of education
    • Convenient time of year for the student to visit

Once a practitioner accepts a student, the student is given the host veterinarian’s contact information by the IEO. After this connection has been made, the student and host veterinarian arrange the details of the exchange. 

  • The process for participating as a host veterinarians is:
    • Complete the Practitioner Participation Form found here
    • Once a student has been accepted, you will work with that student to arrange the dates of the exchange.
    • Some hosts provide the student a place to stay and meals, although neither is a requirement of the program as each student is responsible for his or her own travel costs, housing and incidental expenditures.
The Reward:
Hosting an international veterinary student is an exciting and enriching experience for everyone involved.  Here are some of the many benefits to you and your practice:
  • Opportunity to showcase US best practices and technology on an international level 
  • Be a mentor to a veterinary student who may not currently have the same opportunities we have in the US 
  • Learn about current veterinary education and practice in other countries 
  • Make visits more interesting for your current clients 
  • Enjoy a cultural exchange and make friendships that last a lifetime
We hope you will consider getting involved with hosting an international student.  If you need additional information, please contact SAVMAIEOatgmail [dot] com (SAVMAIEO[at]gmail[dot]com).
IVSA Member Location List

*Please note: Some IVSA member countries may be more active than others during certain years, and availability of exchanges depends on that country's exchange officer's ability to place students. The countries with stars are active this year and are more likely to be able to place students.
*Australia – IVSA Sidney
*Austria – IVSA Austria
Bangladesh – IVSA Bangladesh
*Belgium – IVSA Gent
*Bosnia – IVSA Bosnea
Bulgaria – IVSA Sofia
Canada – IVSA Guelph
Chile – IVSA Universidad Mayor
*Croatia – IVSA Croatia
*Denmark – IVSA Denmark
Egypt – IVSA Assuit
Finland – IVSA Finland
France – IVSA Nantes
Germany – IVSA Hannover
*Germany – IVSA Liepzig
Ghana – IVSA Ghana
Greece – IVSA Thessaloniki
*Greece – IVSA Thessaly
*Grenada – IVSA Grenada
Hungary – IVSA Hungary
Iran – IVSA Teheran
Israel – IVSA Israel
*Japan – IVSA Japan
Kenya – IVSA Nairobi
Latvia – IVSA Latvia
Lithuania – IVSA Lithuania
Macedonia – IVSA Macedonia
Madagascar – IVSA Madagascar
*Malaysia – IVSA Malaysia
Mexico – IVSA Toluca
Nepal – IVSA YAW
*Netherlands – IVSA The Netherlands
Nigeria – IVSA Abu
Nigeria – IVSA Maiduguri
Nigeria – IVSA Nigeria Ibadan
Nigeria – IVSA Nsukka
Nigeria – IVSA Sokoto
Norway – IVSA Norway
Perú – IVSA Perú  Philippines – IVSA Los Balas
*Poland – IVSA Poland Lublin
*Poland – IVSA Poland Olsztyn
*Poland – IVSA Poland Warsaw
*Poland – IVSA Poland Wroc?aw
Portugal – IVSA Lisbon
Romania – IVSA Cluj–Napoca
Romania – IVSA Iasi
Russia – IVSA Russia
Serbia and Montenegro – IVSA Belgrade
Slovakia – IVSA Slovakia
*Slovenia – IVSA Slovenia
*South Africa – IVSA South Africa
*South Korea – IVSA South Korea
Spain – IVSA Barcelona
Spain – IVSA Leon
*Spain – IVSA Lugo
*Spain – IVSA Madrid
Spain – IVSA Murcia
Sudan – IVSA Khartoum
*Sweden – IVSA Sweden
*Switzerland – IVSA Bern
*Switzerland – IVSA Zurich
*Taiwan – IVSA Taiwan
*Tunisia – IVSA Tunisia
*Turkey – IVSA Ankara
*Turkey – IVSA Firat
*UK and Ireland – UK and Ireland
Ukraine – IVSA Kharkiv
Ukraine – IVSA Kyiv
Zambia – IVSA Zambia