Student AVMA (SAVMA)


2024-2025 SAVMA membership dues

SAVMA membership is open to any full-time student currently enrolled in a program of study leading directly to a professional veterinary degree, granted by a school or college of veterinary medicine and not veterinary technology. View the benefits of SAVMA membership here. SAVMA Membership runs from mid-April through mid-April each year. Membership dues are non-transferrable and non-refundable and vary based on your school location. Log into the SAVMA dues website to view your current dues.

SAVMA chapter and associate organization membership

If you are at a school with a SAVMA chapter you will be registering for membership as a SAVMA chapter member. Please note you will pay for local SAVMA chapter membership fees and national SAVMA membership fees in the registration process. National membership dues late fees increase on February 15 for the current membership year. Local chapter membership dues may also have a late fee increase which may be at a different time than the national membership dues late fee. Students should check with their chapter regarding timing of any late fee increases. You must be currently in attendance at your school of veterinary medicine in order to pay for your membership dues.

Back dues

If you wish to pay back dues for a previous membership year as a SAVMA Chapter member or St. Matthew's University SAVMA Associate Member, you must email your SAVMA Chapter President to confirm that your SAVMA Chapter will accept this type of order. Your President should be able to provide you with further details on how to make a back dues payment. All students who wish to graduate in good standing with their SAVMA Chapter must pay for membership dues for all the years they are in vet school.

Student associate member

If you are an international student enrolled in a veterinary program that will lead to a degree in veterinary medicine and are at a school without a SAVMA chapter or local SAVMA associate organization you will register for SAVMA membership as a student associate member. Membership runs from mid-April to mid-April. Membership fees increase on February 15 for the current membership year. Log in to view the current SAVMA membership rates.

Journal orders

SAVMA members receive free access to all issues of JAVMA, including article archives back to 2000. Visit

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