ECFVG News Alert - August 2013

2014 Manual of Administration Changes
The 2014 Clinical Proficiency Examination (CPE) will include a new station within the Small Animal Medicine section. The new station will require candidates to demonstrate entry level clinical techniques that are performed in a small animal clinic/hospital setting. Below is a list of the techniques that may be included in this station.
  • Gather the necessary equipment for and demonstrate how to perform cystocentesis.
  • Gather the necessary equipment for and demonstrate how to perform thoracocentesis.
  • Gather the necessary equipment for and demonstrate how to perform abdominocentesis.
  • Calculate and draw-up correct dosage of Antibiotic and write prescription for oral formulary of same Antibiotic to be administered by client.
  • Gather the necessary equipment for and demonstrate how to perform urinary catheterization of a male dog.
  • Gather the necessary equipment for and demonstrate how to perform jugular venipuncture.
  • Listen to and interpret cardiac sounds for potential abnormalities
  • Perform evaluation of integrity of cranial cruciate ligament on a dog for suspected ruptured ligament.
  • Perform urine specific gravity to determine if a cat’s kidneys are concentrating the urine appropriately. 
  • Demonstrate how to determine PCV and TP and evaluate pre-spun hematocrit tube to determine the PCV and TP.
  • Perform patellar reflex evaluation for suspected spinal injury. 
  • Perform skin scraping for suspected demodex
  • Perform one of the following cranial nerve examinations, describe expected response to procedure and state which cranial nerves are being tested.
    • Menace Response
    • Facial Sensation
    • Gag reflex
    • Pupillary light reflex
  • Perform fine needle aspirate and prepare slide for analysis using model.
  • Perform Schirmer tear test and interpret results
  • Perform Fluorescein stain and interpret results
  • Perform proprioceptive examination and interpret results
Candidates will be randomly assigned a specific number of skills to demonstrate and will not be required to perform all of the skills listed during the exam administration. The exact list of techniques will be finalized and made available in the 2014 edition of the Manual of Administration along with the redistributed weighted scoring assigned to each of the Small Animal Medicine stations.  

The 2014 edition of the Manual of Administration will include additional language in all sections to further clarify the examination to candidates, and will be available for download on the ECFVG web site by the end of November 2013. Candidates signed up for a 2014 examination will additionally receive an electronic copy of the Manual of Administration by e-mail.
Fee Increase for BCSE - January 1, 2014
The fee to take the Basic and Clinical Sciences Examination (BCSE) will increase to $90 for all candidates appling for the examination on or after January 1, 2014. This fee increase will not effect candidates who have applied prior to this date and schedule a testing appointment after January 1, 2014. Please see the BCSE Candidate Bulletin for further information regarding applying for and taking the BCSE.
Fee Increase for CPE- 2014-2016
CPE retake fees will increase starting with the 2014 administrations. Detailed information regarding the fee increases for the CPE can be found in the CPE Candidate Bulletin, specifically in the “Fees for the Full CPE” and the “CPE Retakes and Associated Fees” sections.