Animal welfare advocacy and policy

The AVMA establishes policy that facilitates direct support at the national and international levels for voluntary programs, and advocates for responsible legislation and regulations that help ensure animals' good welfare. The association also assists state veterinary medical associations achieve animal welfare advocacy goals at the state and local levels.


AVMA policies address a wide range of animal welfare topics including physical restraint, animals used in research and teaching, housing and management practices, animal abuse, animal neglect, and euthanasia. 

Literature reviews

AVMA's animal welfare literature reviews are science-based, peer-reviewed summaries of select topics relevant to animal health and welfare.

International issues

The AVMA is active in advancing good animal welfare on the global stage, ensuring that the U.S. veterinary profession's voice is heard in international settings. Much of this work involves collaboration and engagement with other veterinary and scientific organizations.

AVMA in the global veterinary community

Joint AVMA-Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE) statement on the roles of veterinarians in ensuring good animal welfare

International voluntary and regulatory animal welfare assurance

National issues

AVMA monitors, reviews, and responds to federal legislative and regulatory proposals that impact veterinary medicine, including animal welfare and human-animal relationships. See what issues the AVMA is currently working on, and find tools for tracking legislation and contacting lawmakers to make your voice heard.

Animal welfare and animal health advocacy

Get involved: AVMA Congressional Advocacy Network

State and local issues

The AVMA monitors legislation and policy developments at the state level, and provides assistance to state veterinary medical associations ranging from research to drafting language for legislation and regulations.

Other advocacy activities

The AVMA engages with non-profit organizations, academic centers, and companies to advocate on animal welfare issues. The AVMA continually reaches out to these stakeholders to encourage development of practices, policies, and standards that assure the responsible use and care of animals and promote animals' good welfare.