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American College of Theriogenologists meeting, Aug. 2, Milwaukee

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The Sept. 15, 2018, JAVMA News article "Exploding population of wild horses, burros strains BLM" incorrectly stated the amount of acreage devoted to the Bureau of Land Management's wild horse and burro population. There are 26.9 million acres of public rangelands.


The Oct. 1, 2018, JAVMA News article "Carfentanil linked to 1,200 human deaths" did not include information about the current status of Food and Drug Administration–approved carfentanil formulations. The FDA-approved version of carfentanil, Wildnil, has not been marketed for several years, according to the agency. The sponsor, Wildlife Laboratories, voluntarily relinquished the approval in March. Currently, no FDA-approved carfentanil formulations are available.