Prevent and manage conflict with new reputation resources

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Healthy relationships and communication with clients are crucial to patient care and to the wellbeing of veterinary team members. Working collaboratively with partners across the veterinary profession, the AVMA continues to expand the library of free resources available to help you manage your reputation, prevent conflict, and limit risk from cyberbullies.

Promoting healthy pets—and healthy expectations

Clarifying expectations from the start can go a long way toward preventing negative interactions down the road. For companion animal practices, the new Positive Pet Care Guide can help. When introduced to veterinary staff and clients, this free resource can help foster healthy lines of communication and a positive partnership with pet owners.

Developed through an industrywide collaboration, this guide:

  • Outlines our expectations of companion animal clients
  • Matches those expectations with behaviors we promise to uphold in return
  • Encourages a supportive, safe, and inclusive environment for all
  • Strengthens the veterinary team-client partnership

In addition to the guide itself, you can also explore recommendations for integrating the guide into your practice and successfully setting expectations with clients.

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More new resources

Other new tools added to the AVMA’s reputation management toolkit will further help you prevent and respond to conflict on social media and beyond. Learn what to be looking for on your social media channels, and get an overview of everything you need to consider if a cyberbullying incident does arise.

These tools join other practical resources already available in the toolkit—templates for responding to online reviews, tips for physical security and talking with the media, information on identifying cyberbullying, and much more. Explore AVMA's full toolkit of reputation resources.


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