AVMA membership data 2022

These statistics show AVMA membership as of December 31, 2022.

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Employment sector pie chart

Clinical practice: Delivering veterinary care and having physical contact with animals
Academia: Educating veterinarians or other related health professions
Industry/commercial: Working for an organization or company closely related to the veterinary profession
Government: Working in a government agency (state, local, federal), uniformed services, or international organization/agency

AVMA Membership 2022

Food animal: Primarily delivers care to animals raised for food or fiber
Companion animal: Primarily delivers care to animals owned for companionship, including exotics
Equine: Primarily delivers care to equids
Mixed animal: Delivers care across a variety of animal types, including companion, food/fiber and/or equids, on a consistent basis
Laboratory animal: Primarily delivers care to animals used in research and education
Captive Wildlife/Wildlife
No species contact

Total number of members: 101,965
No information provided: 18,781

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