Board greenlights plans for future leaders program, collaboration with FDA on drug policies

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The AVMA Executive Board navigated a sizeable agenda during its Nov. 18-20, 2010, meeting at Association headquarters.

Proposals considered by the board, chaired by Dr. John R. Brooks, covered a wide range of topics, including veterinary oversight of antimicrobial drugs and choosing the next AVMA treasurer.

Bell and gavelOne notable recommendation board members approved was revising the Veterinarian's Oath to stress veterinarians' responsibility to promote animal welfare and prevent animal suffering (see JAVMA, Jan. 1, 2011, page 15).

New spending initiatives approved by the board totaled $118,750. Of that, $17,700 will come from the contingency fund, $29,500 from reserves, and $71,550 from the strategic goal fund.

Other highlights from the meeting include the following:

  • Planning a one-year pilot AVMA Future Leaders Program to identify and mentor upcoming leaders of the Association.
  • Supporting an initiative of the Infectious Diseases Society of America to support development of 10 new systemic antimicrobial drugs by 2020.
  • Endorsing a document to guide veterinarians who see cases of suspected animal abuse and neglect in their practice.

Details about these and other board actions appear in the following pages.