Board appoints representatives to committees, as liaisons

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The Executive Board named the following individuals to the entities indicated, representing the designated areas. The duration of each term varies. Appointees will begin serving in their roles at the conclusion of the AVMA House of Delegates session in St. Louis. 

Committee on the Human-Animal Bond

Private clinical practice, predominantly equine—Dr. Albert G. Andersen, Westwood, Mass.  

Convention Management and Program Committee 

Other Convention Activities Section manager—Dr. Stacy L. Pritt, Irvine, Calif.; Food Animal/Equine Section manager—Dr. Walter R. Threlfall, Columbus, Ohio 

Food Safety Advisory Committee

Aquatic food animal veterinarian alternate—Dr. Patricia S. Gaunt, Stoneville, Miss.  

Veterinary Leadership Conference Planning Committee

Constituent associations—Dr. Jason E. Johnston, Troy, Ohio 

Liaison representatives

American Registry of Pathology—Dr. Thomas J. Rosol, Columbus, Ohio; European Board of Veterinary Specialization—Dr. Colin E. Harvey, Philadelphia; National Johne's Disease Working Group—Dr. Brant Schumaker, Davis, Calif.