Proposed animal welfare council sent for review

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information-circle This article is more than 3 years old

The recommendation proposing establishment of a Council on Animal Welfare has been referred to the newly approved Animal Welfare Governance Task Force for review.

Submitted to the Executive Board by several AVMA constituent organizations in April 2005, the recommendation called for a Bylaws amendment creating the new council. Their proposal was a result of the board's voting to sunset the Animal Welfare Committee.

During the April meeting, however, the board reinstated the welfare committee and also approved the plan for the Animal Welfare Governance Task Force. Additionally, consideration of the Council on Animal Welfare was postponed until the June board meeting.

Subsequent to the April meeting, authors of the welfare council recommendation determined it unnecessary to submit the proposed Bylaws amendment, and felt it more appropriate that the board refer the recommendation to the task force, which the board did.