American Veterinarian Medical Association

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Kosch steps down as dean at Tufts; school named for benefactor

AASV invites research abstracts

Vesicular stomatitis affecting four states

Cause of rabbit disease outbreak confirmed

AVMA officers re-elected

Vendor selected for ECFVG examination

Student extern criteria established

Fellows policy amended

Fellowship committee membership established

AVMA fellows requirements expanded, solicitation policy revised

AVMA co-sponsors aquatic medicine CE

Trends in certification workshop slated for 2006

Funding approved for food supply workshop

Three-fourths majority needed to pass big-ticket proposals

AVMA contingency fund amount increased

CVTEA institutional accreditation standard changed

AVMA PAC to report donor contributions

Recommended AVMA PAC contribution increased

Board approves public health, regulatory recommendations

Economic project for Illinois veterinarians funded

AVMA to make a showing at Pet Night

Board responds to legislative recommendations

Canada to pay flat fee for accreditation costs

AVMA to attend PANVET in 2006

New membership classification system approved

Veterinary work force priorities set

Position on genetically modified animals approved

Board affirms support for AVMF mission

Proposed animal welfare council sent for review

AVMA provides guidance on guardianship, noneconomic damages

AVMA guarantees funding for VMAT program

Phone changes for FDA-CVM

Internet drug sales to U.S. pet owners questioned

AVMA revises pregnant sow housing policy

Executive Board tackles sow housing, key funding opportunities