Promoting the benefits of animal research for animals

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The AVMA will participate in the Foundation for Biomedical Research's Survivors campaign. This campaign aims to communicate the benefits of animal research for animal health to the public (see JAVMA, Dec. 1, 2003, page 1547).

The Council on Research referred the Survivors materials to the Council on Public Relations for consideration, as it moved forward with the Animal Welfare Committee and the Legislative Advisory Committee in evaluating the impact of animal rights groups. The PR council recommended that the AVMA join the campaign, and the Executive Board approved this in November.

The AVMA will promote the distribution of the Survivors educational material to the companion animal-owning public through veterinary practices. It will use current communication channels such as the Internet, journals, and press releases.

The Council on Public Relations has established a subcommittee to develop strategies and evaluate potential partnership opportunities for future phases of the Survivors campaign.