Board approves two AVMAPAC proposals, refers other to HAC

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The AVMA Political Action Committee Policy Board submitted three recommendations to the Executive Board dealing with the PAC's business plan, an amendment to its constitution, and a proposed $15 reverse check-off contribution to the PAC included with AVMA dues.

Board members approved the first two recommendations but referred the addition to the dues notification to the House Advisory Committee for consideration.

The 11-page business plan describes a number of the AVMAPAC's activities, including marketing plans, fund solicitation, and how funds are distributed to candidates for federal office. The policy board also rewrote the plan to ensure that PAC activities are coordinated with the AVMA legislative agenda.

Among the PAC's strengths and weaknesses enumerated in the plan, the staff of the AVMA Governmental Relations Division in Washington, D.C., is cited as having excellent working relations with members of Congress and their staffs.

The approved amendment to the AVMAPAC Constitution reads:

Annual Report. The Policy Board shall submit a report to the AVMA Executive Board prior to the spring meeting of the Executive Board. The report shall contain a summary of actions taken during the prior calendar year, including the amount of contributions received and disbursements to the political campaigns of candidates for federal elective public offices.

The amendment eliminates detailed listings of contributions and disbursements.

The final recommendation was an effort by the policy board to expand the PAC's activities to a broader range of legislators who might prove helpful in matters affecting veterinary medicine.

The policy board has set a goal to make the AVMAPAC a $1 million PAC by the end of 2008. This goal, they say, can be reached and surpassed if a majority of some 68,000 members of the AVMA contribute $15 to the PAC annually. To that end, the policy board recommended including with the AVMA dues notice a $15 reverse check-off contribution to the AVMAPAC.