ECFVG policies and procedures - AVMA ECFVG®-listed veterinary colleges of the world

May 2023

Exclusive of the United States and Canada

Classification of Colleges

AVMA accredited colleges in the United States and Canada and foreign colleges (colleges outside the US and Canada) are evaluated by the AVMA Council on Education™ (AVMA COE®) and found to meet accreditation standards as published in the COE accreditation policies and procedures.

Accredited veterinary colleges

AVMA ECFVG®-listed schools are the schools listed on the AVMA ECFVG®-listed school directory, and their curricula, are not reviewed, accredited, endorsed, approved, accepted, granted, or certified in any manner by the AVMA or the ECFVG program. The AVMA ECFVG-listed school directory is used by the AVMA solely to allow individuals to apply for enrollment in the ECFVG certification program.

Directory of AVMA ECFVG®-listed veterinary colleges (PDF)

For the most current AVMA ECFVG-listed school directory, please go to the website at

If a school is not already included in the AVMA ECFVG-listed school directly, specific documentation is required to get it added. Please go to the website at for information.