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What are our veterinary colleagues most interested in learning about? The answer may be as diverse as our profession itself.

Based on the choices made by attendees at AVMA Convention 2023, popular learning topics for veterinary team members run the gamut from endocrine disorders to CPR to behavior. Here are the top 10 most-attended CE sessions presented at the summer conference in Denver.

  • Why is Cytopoint or Apoquel no longer working in my patient?
  • Treating the most common feline emergencies
  • The Cushing's conundrum: When should we test, how should we test, and what do we do with the results? 
  • Practical psychopharmacology: What behavior medications, when?
  • Home alone: Treating separation anxiety
  • Rational use of steroids in small animal practice
  • What we now know about diet-associated DCM in our canine patients
  • Gastroprotectants in dogs and cats—What’s cool and what’s new?
  • Update on feline urethral obstruction (aka blocked cat)
  • CPR for the anesthetized patient

Intrigued? View AVMA Convention 2023 on demand

Several of these same CE sessions are available for all learners to explore in AVMA Convention 2023 on demand, offered on AVMA Axon. This special CE package, available only through December 31, 2023, offers 50 hours of recorded CE presented by veterinary medicine’s top experts. Topics include critical care, dermatology, anesthesia/analgesia, endocrine issues, and much more. 

Each session includes a quiz that qualifies learners for CE credit. View the full list of available sessions at avma.org/ConventionOnDemand.

If you attended AVMA Convention 2023 in Denver, you can access your on-demand sessions through the conference app.

See more Convention 2023 highlights

Whether you were able to join the AVMA community in Denver or not, you can gain top-level insights from the keynote presentation and other sessions in AVMA News:


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