New webinar and pocket guide help you talk cost with clients

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How can veterinary teams successfully empower clients to talk with us about the cost of veterinary care and explore flexible treatment and payment options? Two new AVMA tools can help guide discussions about cost of care, laying out strategies to aid the whole team in having conversations that resonate with clients.

One is an on-demand CE webinar. “Talking with Clients: Discussing the Cost of Care” explores the importance of having proactive cost conversations with pet owners. In it, you’ll discover words and phrases that will leave clients feeling empowered to talk about cost, and demonstrate how the veterinary team can help them decide the right treatment option for their pet within their budget. The webinar is available on AVMA Axon® and offers 1 hour of continuing education (CE) credit. It’s free for AVMA and Student AVMA (SAVMA) members, and costs just $25 for other veterinary professionals.

Another tool, available exclusively to AVMA members, will help you keep handy conversation tips in your back pocket—literally! The downloadable Language that Works pocket reference guide is a series of cue cards designed to guide your conversations in ways that connect with clients and help their pets get optimal care. It’s organized by common key questions pet owners have about veterinary care.

More communication tools

The webinar and pocket reference are the latest additions to AVMA’s library of communication tools developed through the Language of Veterinary Care Initiative. All of the tools reflect the findings from research conducted with pet owners across the United States. The studies show that the words we use when talking about veterinary care can influence pet owners’ perceptions about the associated value and cost.

Other practical resources:

  • An expanded ebook provides detailed insight into specific words and phrases that resonate most with clients when discussing why to go to the veterinarian; when to go to the veterinarian; what you get from the veterinarian; and how to pay for veterinary services.
  • Two instructional videos highlight the importance of language, especially when it comes to topics that can be difficult to discuss—such as conflicting guidance on nutrition, and the need for an in-person exam before renewing a prescription. In the videos, you’ll see how a team member’s choice of words can lead to two very different outcomes.
  • An interactive training module,“Talking with Clients: Language Dos and Don’ts” explores the most effective language you can use to communicate the why, what, and how of veterinary care. Delivered in three distinct modules, it’s also available on AVMA Axon®.

All of these resources were made possible in part by educational funding from CareCredit and Pets Best. Access them and learn more about the Language of Veterinary Care Initiative at


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