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Published on June 28, 2022
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For the first time, all AVMA members now have free access to both of the Association’s prestigious scientific journals: JAVMA and AJVR.

As of June, AJVR – the American Journal of Veterinary Research – has switched to an open-access, online-only format. Anyone in the world can read AJVR articles free of charge, and AVMA members no longer have to choose whether to receive AJVR or JAVMA.

Why the change?

Like the many changes underway for the journals, this move was driven by input from AVMA members and subscribers. 

The online format reduces AVMA’s environmental footprint and means that AJVR can publish more research, more quickly, and to a vastly larger and broader audience. This enables global collaboration among researchers, helping to advance veterinary medicine and contribute to the greater good. It also facilitates information exchange between researchers and clinicians by increasing access to novel research findings that bridge the gulf between basic research and clinical practice. 

AJVR’s broad range of subject matter and species means there’s something for everyone. If you’re a long-time JAVMA subscriber and don’t know what you’ve been missing in AJVR, check out this article in the June issue of AJVR. It describes a study that found long-acting injectable methadone provided safe and effective post-operative analgesia in a randomized clinical trial for dogs undergoing ovariohysterectomy. 

Stay up to date with email alerts

It's easy to stay on top of all the recent scientific findings published in both JAVMA and AJVR. Both journals offer readers the option to receive email alerts whenever a new issue is published – called an eTOC alert – or when new articles are published online (online-first alerts). Sign up from the homepages of JAVMA and AJVR

You also can add journal updates to your social media. Follow the journals on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram


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