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Published on May 23, 2022
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AVMA's scientific journals are undergoing a transformation to ensure they continue to lead veterinary medicine forward with authoritative scientific research that has practical application in our daily work.

As part of that evolution, the journals have expanded their social media presence. Now, it's even easier for working veterinarians to stay abreast of latest findings.

You can now find both JAVMA and AJVR on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram:

LinkedIn: @avma-journals




If you’re active on social media, following the journals will be a great way for you to always be in the know about the latest scientific findings that can help you and your patients. Here’s an example of the kind of content you’re missing if you’re not following the journals on social:

Following JAVMA and AJVR on social media also will help ensure that you know about all of the many changes the journals are implementing. Here are just some of the changes made in the last six months:

  • The journals have a new, mobile-friendly website.
  • JAVMA has shifted to once-monthly publishing, rather than its previous twice-monthly schedule.
  • JAVMA has begun publishing special supplemental reports on important clinical topics twice a year.
  • AJVR has become an online-only, open-access journal, allowing anyone in the world to read its articles.

As the AVMA journals continue to evolve, you can count on their social media feeds to keep you informed of latest developments.

Don’t miss AVMA’s other social feeds

While you’re checking out the journals’ new social media pages, make sure you’re also following the AVMA’s social feeds:

There also are social media pages for AVMA Convention and other meetings, job postings on the Veterinary Career Center, animal food and product recalls, and more. Find all of AVMA’s social media pages.


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