October 15, 2009


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Nominations to AVMA entities sought

Posted Oct. 1, 2009

The AVMA is once again inviting its members to contribute toward decisions involving a wide range of veterinary-related issues. Service on councils, committees, and other AVMA entities will enable volunteer leaders to have a say on various matters, including veterinary education, disaster and emergency issues, the human-animal bond, and food safety.

"The AVMA wouldn't be the relevant and vibrant organization it is today without the expertise and energy that volunteers bring to the table," said Dr. W. Ron DeHaven, AVMA CEO and executive vice president. "To stay focused on our members, we need a diverse group of veterinarians to serve on AVMA councils, committees, and entities.

"The rewards of this service to our profession far outweigh the sacrifices," he said.

The AVMA is currently inviting nominations for 93 vacancies on Association entities and five liaison positions (see charts). The House of Delegates will fill council openings when it convenes in July 2010 in Atlanta. The Executive Board will make committee, trust, and liaison appointments at its April 2010 meeting, and the House Advisory Committee will make two appointments at its March 2010 meeting.

Because the AVMA professional classification codes serve as the reference to determine eligibility for a candidate to serve on an entity, it is imperative that the AVMA member's information be current. Therefore, candidates should visit the AVMA Web site here and check the accuracy of their professional activity information by clicking on "Update your member information," making any adjustments that may be necessary.  


The AVMA is seeking nominations to fill 11 council vacancies. Nominations can be made by organizations represented in the HOD or by petition of 10 voting members. 

Council nomination materials, including descriptions of the councils and instructions for publishing candidates' biographies in the 2010 Campaign Guide, are posted on the AVMA Web site here. These materials can also be obtained by calling AVMA headquarters at (800) 248-2862, Ext. 6605, or e-mailing OfficeEVP@avma.org.

Council nominations must be submitted by April 1, 2010, to the AVMA Office of the Executive Vice President. Nominations for the Council on Education, however, must be submitted by Feb 1, 2010. Nominators should use the prescribed nomination form to ensure that nominations will not be invalidated because the information supplied is incomplete.

With the exception of the COE, council members' terms are three years, with the opportunity to serve an additional three-year term. Terms on the COE are six years. No member may serve simultaneously in the HOD and on a council, or on two councils. A council member who completes a term may become eligible for election to another council at the next HOD annual session. The AVMA Bylaws also require that, if an area of representation is specified in the vacancy, nominees must be actively engaged in that area or have been so at the time of retirement.

AVMA guidelines for council nominations further stipulate the following:

  • Nominations made by an organization represented in the HOD must be signed by an officer of that nominating organization.
  • A nominee will not be eligible to be a candidate for more than one council per year.
  • A candidate will not be permitted to change the category of representation after the April 1 nomination deadline. 

Trusts, committees, and boards

Nominations are invited for AVMA trust and committee vacancies to be filled by the Executive Board at its April 2010 meeting. Nominations are also invited for two Political Action Committee Policy Board members to be appointed by the HAC at its March 2010 meeting. Trust and committee nominations should be submitted to the AVMA Office of the Executive Vice President no later than March 8, 2010.  

Committee nominations, unless otherwise noted, may be made by local or state veterinary associations, by allied groups represented in the HOD, or by an AVMA member on that person's or another's behalf.

Each nomination must include a one- or two-page resume. Only the first two pages of lengthier resumes that are submitted will be reviewed.

Trust and committee nomination materials, including descriptions of the various entities, are also available on the AVMA Web site. Inquiries on these vacancies can be answered at (800) 248-2862, Ext. 6605, or by e-mail at OfficeEVP@avma.org.

Vacancies to be filled by the House of Delegates
Council Professional category of vacancy Individual whose term expires
Biologic and Therapeutic Agents Immunology Christopher C.L. Chase
At-large Lionel L. Reilly
Education Private mixed clinical practice Frank E. Walker
Postgraduate education  
Public Health and Regulatory Veterinary Medicine At-large Billy R. Clay
Public health agencies or the armed forces Paul L. Garbe
Research Veterinary medical research L. Garry Adams
  Steven C. Budsberg
Veterinary Service At-large Dale S. Lonsford
Recent graduate *Elysia Schaefer
Judicial At-large Emily A. Walton
Vacancies to be filled by the Executive Board
Committee or entity Representing Individual whose term expires
Animal Welfare Aquatic animal medicine, alternate  
AABP, alternate  
AASV *Lisa M. Tokach
AASV, alternate *Jerome O. Geiger
ASLAP, alternate *Susan B. Harper
AAHA, alternate *Kate F. Hurley
AAVMC, alternate *Alicia Z. Karas
AACPPV, alternate *Hilton J. Klein
AAEP, alternate *Midge Leitch
AAAP *Jose A. Linares
AAAP, alternate *Robert M. Williams
Humane or animal welfare organization, alternate *Linda K. Lord
Zoo and wildlife medicine *David S. Miller
Zoo and wildlife medicine, alternate *Thomas P. Meehan
AAV *J. Bruce Nixon
AAV, alternate *Brian L. Speer
ASVMAE, alternate *Lisa A. Perius
AAFP *Roy B. Smith
AASRP *Joseph H. Snyder
AASRP, alternate *Peregrine L. Wolff
ASV, alternate *Miranda E. Spindel
Aquatic Veterinary Medicine Research in aquatic animal health Roy P.E. Yanong
Extension or diagnostic services *Roxanna M. Smolowitz
State or federal regulatory veterinary medicine *Jennifer A. Strasser
Academia *E. Scott Weber
Clinical Practitioners Advisory AAEP *Justin B. Janssen
AAEP, alternate Carol K. Clark
AABP *Karl F. Gingrich
AABP, alternate Grant A. Dewell
AASV Lisa J. Becton
AAFP *Lorraine K. Jarboe
AAFP, alternate Julie K. Levy
AASRP David K. Wallace
Aquaculture and seafood medicine  
Aquaculture and seafood medicine, alternate  
Disaster and Emergency Issues ‡Food animal practice *Renee D. Dewell
Uniformed services *Stephanie R. Ostrowski
‡Poultry medicine *Jo Anna Quinn
Educational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates Government service Donald A. Prater
Environmental Issues Aquatic medicine Cindy P. Driscoll
Bovine practice *Alfred O. Gigstad
AVMA Council on Public Health and Regulatory Veterinary Medicine Paul L. Garbe
Food Safety Advisory AAEV *James D. McKean
AAEV, alternate *William B. Epperson
AASRP, alternate *Joan S. Bowen
AABP, alternate *Jared D. Taylor
AASV, alternate *Ian M. Levis
Aquatic food animal medicine veterinarian, alternate *Renate Reimschuessel
AAFHV, alternate *John P. Sanders
AAAP, alternate *Suzanne D. Young
Governance Performance Review AVMA councils Laurel A. Kaddatz
International Veterinary Affairs AVMA Council on Education *Joan M. Samuels
  *James J. Brace
Legislative Advisory AAVMC Bennie I. Osburn
AAVMC, alternate *H. Michael Chaddock
AABP Mark F. Spire
AABP, alternate Virginia R. Fajt
AAFHV Daniel E. LaFontaine
AAFHV, alternate Rex D. Holt
AACPPV Gerald R. Schmoling
AACPPV, alternate David R. Hustead
AAAP, alternate *Bruce N. Stewart-Brown
Member Services Recent graduate *Scott T. Aoki
Private clinical practice Grace F. Bransford
Academic veterinary medicine *Wade A. Northington
PAC Policy Board Area 2, Central states George E. Richards
State Advocacy ASVMAE Ralph Johnson
Area 3, Western states Jack O. Walther
Veterinary Leadership Conference Planning ASVMAE *Lynn Appel
Constituent association officer *Jason E. Johnston
Recent graduates *Abigail J. Risius
Veterinary Technician Education and Activities Industrial veterinary medicine Anthony J. Rumschlag
Educators of veterinary technicians *Melvin C. Chambliss
GHLIT At-large *Blair J. Hollowell
  *Dwight D. King
  *Carolynn T. MacAllister
PLIT At-large *Thomas B. Little
  *Lance T. Moxey


* Eligible for re-election
See page 921 for list of acronyms used for organizations
‡ Nominees must have expertise and experience in disaster preparedness and emergency issues.
If underlined, the organization nominates its representative.


Vacancies to be filled by the House Advisory Committee
Entity Representing Individual whose term expires
PAC Policy Board Area 1, Eastern states John H. de Jong
Area 3, Western states *Howard R. Moore


American Registry of Pathology L. Garry Adams
National Federation for Infectious Diseases' Annual Conference on Antimicrobial Resistance Lisa J. Becton
Codex Committee on Residues of Veterinary Drugs in Foods, alternate John T. Waddell
American Feed Industry Association David K. Wallace
USDA National Animal Health Reporting System Aquaculture Commodity Working Group Roy P.E. Yanong


AAAP American Association of Avian Pathologists
AABP American Association of Bovine Practitioners
AACPPV American Association of Corporate and Public Practice Veterinarians
AAEP American Association of Equine Practitioners
AAEV American Association of Extension Veterinarians
AAFHV American Association of Food Hygiene Veterinarians
AAFP American Association of Feline Practitioners
AAHA American Animal Hospital Association
AASRP American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners
AASV American Association of Swine Veterinarians
AAV Association of Avian Veterinarians
AAVMC Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges
ASLAP American Society of Laboratory Animal Practitioners
ASV Association of Shelter Veterinarians
ASVMAE American Society of Veterinary Medical Association Executives
GHLIT Group Health and Life Insurance Trust