September 01, 2007


 HOD to begin holding two regular sessions

Posted Aug. 15, 2007

The House of Delegates has approved three amendments to the AVMA Bylaws.

The first provides that the HOD will hold a regular winter session in conjunction with the AVMA Veterinary Leadership Conference, in addition to its current regular annual session held in conjunction with the AVMA Annual Convention. Approval means that the HOD will hold its first winter session in January 2008, in Schaumburg, Ill., near AVMA headquarters.

The second amended bylaw restores information on the seven current AVMA councils to the AVMA Bylaws. During preparation of the new AVMA Bylaws—which were approved last year—the detailed information on each council had been removed and included in the HOD Manual.

The third amendment clarifies that the Executive Board does not approve policies and procedures used by the Council on Education when accrediting schools and colleges of veterinary medicine.