U.S. pet ownership statistics

These data are sourced from the AVMA 2022 Pet Ownership and Demographic Sourcebook. 

Animals kept as companions

  Dogs Cats Birds Horses
Percent of households owning 44.6 26 2.5 0.2


  Dogs Cats
Number of households owning 62M 37M
Average number owned per household 1.46 1.78
Total number in United States 83,739,829–88,853,254 60,217,861– 61,910,686
Veterinary expenditure per household per year  $367 $253

Specialty and exotic animals

  Percent of households owning
Fish 2.7
Ferrets 0.1
Rabbits 1.2
Amphibians 0.2
Reptiles 1.4
Pet livestock 0.2
Pet poultry 0.5
Gerbils 1.3
Other 0.4

This report is based on a survey conducted in early 2021 via online opt-in, reflecting 2020 data. The data were sampled, weighted, and screened to eliminate potential sources of bias and provide accurate estimates and insights. A total of 2,011 respondents completed the online survey and were included in the final analysis reported here; the margin of error is 2.2% within a 95% confidence level. Both demographic and behavioral characteristics of respondents were compared to the general population for weighting and estimations. Logistic regression and difference in means test were performed to see which characteristics influence whether a household adopted a pet, how likely they were to see a veterinarian, and how likely they were to delay seeing the veterinarian. 

Additional information are available in the AVMA 2022 Pet Ownership and Demographic Sourcebook